KCU's COVID-19 Response Fund

Alumni and friends have reached out to ask how COVID-19 has affected the community of KCU. They have asked, “How can I help?”

Moved by this spirit of generosity and desire to support KCU's mission during this extraordinary time, the University has established KCU's COVID-19 Response Fund.

Your gifts to this fund provide immediate assistance to students who have urgent need due to the COVID-19 pandemic or other hardship. You are providing additional assistance for incoming and returning students; innovative programming and technology to improve our students' learning experiences; and an enhanced academic program with a professor of virology and microbiology. Your investment is crucial now.

KCU will be here for the students who want to become the health professionals and osteopathic physicians for the future.

How To Give

Visit: https://community.kcumb.edu/covid19gift
Text: KCUCOVID to 41444
Kansas City University
Office of Philanthropy and Alumni Relations
1750 Independence Avenue
Kansas City, MO  64106

Should you have questions, please contact the KCU Office of Philanthropy and Alumni Relations at alumni@kcumb.edu or call (816) 654-7279.

We invite you to join our private KCU Alumni COVID-19 Facebook page.

What Your Gifts Will Do

Ensure Urgent or Emergency Needs of Students are Met with Financial Support  

As this pandemic continues to affect our students’ lives, this fund allows KCU to respond to many unforeseen emergency needs to help our students. Funds for this kind of need are very limited. 

Allow Students to Learn in New Ways through Innovative Technology

Your gifts will purchase important and innovative technology, allowing students to access educational environments in new ways. Some students need special software and equipment. Faculty must accelerate virtual reality capabilities for delivery of education for students. Third- and fourth-year medical students must have virtual clinical instruction. Special technology and equipment is essential.

Establish a Virology/Microbiology Professorship

KCU intends to add a professor of Virology and Microbiology who will teach in the College of Osteopathic Medicine and College of Biosciences. This will better equip our students to address the impact of health care threats such as COVID-19 as they prepare to practice medicine or work in other health care professions.