Library FAQs

How do I login to Library resources from off campus?

If you are off campus, enter your network username and password. This is the same username and password associated with your KCU email account.

How do I renew my books?

Library materials can be renewed several ways.

  1. Renew online by clicking on “My Library Account” at the top of the Library Catalog. You will be prompted to log in with your name and Unique Campus ID. (See explanation for “What is my Unique Campus ID?” below.) After logging in, you will see a list of your current checkouts. Click the “Renew All” button or select each title you would like to renew, and click “Renew Marked.”
  2. Stop by the Library and ask a staff member to renew your items. You do not have to have your items with you.
  3. Call the Library: 816-654-7260 (Kansas City campus) or 417-208-0686 (Joplin campus).
  4. Email the Library: (Kansas City campus) or (Joplin campus).
  5. Use our “Chat with a Librarian” feature.

You must renew your items before they are overdue. You may renew an item as many times as you want, as long as no one else has placed a hold on it.

May I place a hold online?

Yes. You may place holds on library items from on or off campus. Find the item in our catalog, then click on the “Request” button below the title. You will be prompted to log in with your name and your Unique Campus ID. (See explanation for “What is my Unique Campus ID?” below.) You will be notified by email when your requested item is available. Holds may be picked up at the Access Services Desk.

Library staff can also place holds for you. You may contact us at 816-654-7260 (Kansas City campus), 417-208-0686 (Joplin campus), (Kansas City campus), (Joplin campus), online chat, or in person at the Access Services Desk.

What is my “Unique Campus ID”?

You will need your unique campus ID to log into your library account and view your checkouts, place holds and renew items.

If you are a student, your unique campus ID is the barcode on your ID badge, followed by “kcu”. For example, if the ID on your badge is S000001, then your unique campus ID is S000001kcu.

If you are a staff or faculty member and you do not know your unique campus ID, please call or email the library.

How many books can I check out? How many flash card sets can I check out?

There is no limit to the number of items you can borrow from the library.

How long can I keep my books?

For students, library materials are due 21 days after you check them out. If the due date falls on a day the library is not open, the materials will be due the next working day.

Staff and faculty members may keep the items they check out until May 17 of each academic year, but they are subject to recall.

Can I borrow textbooks?

The library keeps a copy of each textbook assigned to courses in the current semester. These are located on the reserve shelf behind the Access Services Desk. Books on reserve may be checked out for up to two hours and must stay inside the library.

The library also owns e-book versions of many of your required textbooks. You can find them by searching the A-Z E-Book List or the Library Catalog. They are also hyperlinked on the Required Textbooks lists.

How much are fines?

The KCU Libraries do not charge fines or late fees.

What should I do if I lost a library book?

Please see the Library Policies for our rules on lost and damaged items, and contact library staff if you have questions.

How do I print from the WEPA kiosks?

Instructions for using the WEPA kiosk printers can be found on the Intranet at the IT website. 

What if I need a book the library doesn’t own?

You can request books that we don’t own through our library consortium, MOBIUS, or through Interlibrary Loan. Please follow these steps in order:

  1. Search for the title in the Library Catalog to verify we do not own a copy.
  2. If we do not own a copy, click on “KC-Towers” in the toolbar at the top of the catalog. The search box that appears will allow you to search all of the local libraries in our consortium. If this search brings up the title you’re looking for, you can click “Request” to place a hold. If the owning library accepts your request, the book will be delivered by our consortium’s courier, and you will be notified by email when it arrives. If the owning library cannot lend your requested item, our library staff will notify you by email.
  3. If your search does not bring up the title you’re looking for, click on “MOBIUS” in the toolbar. This will allow you to search the holdings of the hundreds of libraries in our consortium, and place holds as described above.
  4. If you can’t find the title you’re looking for in the MOBIUS catalog, we may be able to borrow it for you through Interlibrary Loan. Please contact library staff at or 816-654-7260 or 816-654-7266 for assistance.

Why can’t I get full text access to all articles in PubMed?

The Library does not subscribe to all of the journals indexed in PubMed. If the citation has a KCU full text button (purple boxes), this should take you to the full text. 

How do I get the full text of an article I need?

If you have a citation for an article, you can check the E-Journals list to see if we subscribe to the online edition. Search by title and click on the link to the journal’s website. Contact the Library if you have any problems accessing the full text of an article from one of these journals.

If you need an article from a journal that we do not subscribe to, we may be able to obtain a copy for you through Interlibrary Loan. Please see our Interlibrary Loan page for more information.

If you do not have a specific article, but need to find an article on a certain subject, begin a search in either PubMed or Ovid. Not all of the results retrieved from a search in these databases will be full text. When using PubMed you should look for the KCU full text button (purple boxes) that indicate the KCU full text or print collection. For Ovid, begin by choosing “YourJournals@Ovid” as this will restrict your search to full text journals the Library subscribes to.

You can also search for articles in a variety of other full-text Databases, including Clinical Key, ScienceDirect, Academic Search Elite and BioMed Central.

If you need help finding or accessing an article, please ask the Library staff for assistance.

Why can’t I get an article to download?

If a journal link will not load, try a different browser and/or clear your cache.

Sometimes PDF pages won’t load because you're using an older version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Check what version you have installed on your computer and what version the journal requires for its PDF documents. 

If you are still having difficulty, please ask the Library staff for assistance.

How do I access or use apps for Library databases on my iPad or smartphone?

Check out our guide, Apps for KCU Devices, to find instructions for the Clinical Pharmacology, Medical Letter, First Consult/Clinical Key, VisualDx and UpToDate mobile apps. If you need more help, please contact the library, at 816-654-7260 (Kansas City campus), 417-208-0686 (Joplin campus), (Kansas City campus), (Joplin campus), or Chat

How do I do a MEDLINE search?

The Library offers two ways to access MEDLINE:

  1. PubMed: This database indexes more than 25 million citations from MEDLINE and other sources. It is free to search, but you will only be able to access full-text articles from journals that the Library subscribes to (and journals that allow open access). For more detailed information, check out PubMed's tutorials.
  2. Ovid: This consists of several databases, including MEDLINE, that the Library subscribes to. An advantage to using Ovid is that you can choose to just search MEDLINE, or to search MEDLINE along with other databases. 

What are MeSH Headings in MEDLINE?

MeSH is the National Library of Medicine's subject headings, used for indexing articles for MEDLINE. MeSH terminology provides a consistent way to retrieve resources that may use different terminology for the same concepts. You can use the MeSH database to find MeSH Terms and build a search strategy, as follows:

  1. Enter a term into the MeSH database search box. A list of MeSH terms will appear; choose the term that best describes your concept.
  2. Click on your chosen term and it will appear in the PubMed Search Builder box on the right side of the screen.
  3. The term appears on the right in the PubMed Search Builder box.
  4. To add additional terms, continue searching the database and adding MeSH terms to the Search Builder box.
  5. When you have finished adding terms, click "Search PubMed".