Global Health Track FAQs

Global Health Honors Track FAQs

Q: Is the Global Health Track available at KCU-Joplin?
A: The Global Health Track is available at KCU-Kansas City. We are expecting to make available a Rural Medicine track, the Military Medicine track and possibly other tracks in the future at the Joplin location. 

Q: What are the benefits to participating in the Global Health Track?
A: Upon graduation, you’ll receive a printed certificate in Global Health, in addition to your DO degree. You’ll receive broad-based training in the issues that surround the need for and delivery of health care worldwide. This training will be in the form of didactic sessions, self-study, formulation and implementation of a research project, hands-on sessions and field experiences, as well as clinical rotations overseas. This is invaluable experience considering the increasing globalization of today’s modern world.

Q: What is the cost to participate?
A: The only costs you’ll be responsible for are those related to required books and your travel, such as flights, hotel, travel immunizations, travel insurance, etc. 

Q: Is financial aid available to cover travel expenses?
A: Yes, you may obtain additional financial aid through the Financial Aid Office.

Q: How much time will this take in addition to my usual course load?
A: Approximately 20-30 hours each semester, based on planned sessions, for years one and two. 

Q: What are the requirements in order to apply for the Global Track?
A: You must be in the top third of your class in academic rank, cannot have failed a section or practical exam, be in good academic and personal standing with the University, and be willing to participate in all of the required activities.

Q: What countries can I do clinical rotations in?
A: This is flexible, based on your desire and the safety of the region.

Q: Will it affect where I do my third- and fourth-year clerkships?
A: No, except that you will be doing some international clinical rotations.

Q: If I’m not selected for the track, will there still be opportunities for me to participate in overseas rotations?
A: Yes, we offer other opportunities that all students may apply for. This is based upon available space. 

Q: Will my international rotations require any additional preparation?
A: Some rotations or clinical experiences have additional immunizations (yellow fever, malaria, etc.). You’ll be provided a list of required immunizations and documents. These will need be completed and returned prior to approval for your clinical assignment or rotation.

Q: Is my research project required?
A: Yes, you will be required to complete a research project.

You will be supported on campus in the development, design and human subjects (Institutional Review Board) submission of the project. The director must approve your project prior to initiation.

Projects may be longitudinal. You will be provided the opportunity to work on a longitudinal project or to work collaboratively on a project. However, the director must approve all project work. You must demonstrate and maintain a high level of rigor and commitment to the project in order to receive required credit for the research component of this track.