Resident Forum

All GME residents are invited to participate in a formal platform to communicate with each other in a collegial environment. The forum occurs quarterly via conference call, and is attended by KCU-GME staff for the first portion, allowing exchange of information. The staff leaves for the latter half of the meeting and the trainees are free to discuss whatever aspect of their programs they wish. All residents are automatically members of this forum and are encouraged to participate.

The forum provides an open, group discussion that allows residents to communicate and exchange information regarding their educational and work environments, their programs and other relevant issues they may face during training, as well as promote the well-being, interests and education of the GME residents. The forum strives to keep all residents informed about important issues that impact their professional career as well as provide an organized voice to raise and resolve concerns for residents. Any topics discussed during the forum can warrant further discussion or presentation to the GME Committee if decided by the forum chair. The forum chair and/or vice chair are representatives who sit on the KCU-GME Committee and can present any issues to the committee on behalf of the forum. In addition, residents have created a Resident Forum Blackboard page to exchange information and share graduate career opportunities.

If a resident would like to initiate a dialogue with the forum leadership, please use the info below.

All dialogue will be confidential.