2018 Research Symposium Faculty Speaker, Dr. Jeff Staudinger

KCU Researcher Dr. Jeff StaudingerDr. Staudinger is an established basic research scientist with NIH funded projects that explore the fundamental mechanisms of signal transduction networks and how they interface with the transcriptional regulation of hepatic and intestinal drug metabolism and drug clearance pathways in the body. 

His work has mainly focused on how pathological conditions impact the body’s ability to metabolize and excrete pharmaceutical agents in liver and intestine. Critical to his role in this grant, he led a team of researchers in his laboratory in the development of novel molecular methods that are used to interrogate targets of specific signal transduction pathways. 

He has conducted studies related to bile acids as signaling molecules, transcription factor networks that regulate drug-inducible gene expression, mycoestrogens and natural products as ligands for nuclear receptor superfamily members. 

His studies have shed new light upon the cell signaling mechanisms and protein kinase cascades that target drug metabolism pathways. He has also participated in seminal studies of protein targets of reactive metabolite formation during hepatotoxic acetaminophen ingestions, and the interaction of the SUMOylation and ubiquitination signaling networks that converge at the level of drug-inducible gene expression and inflammatory responses in liver and intestine.