Students Study Art to Improve Observation Skills

Dec 19, 2017
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Biology, chemistry, anatomy…. and art? These are a just few of the courses medical students are studying at KCU, and that includes a course in art. Art, Observation and Medicine is an interactive course that utilizes visual arts in a museum setting to enhance a student’s critical thinking, communications and observation skills. This course can prove beneficial to future patients by working with a physician who looks beyond the surface of their illnesses to listen, learn and reflect on the needs of each patient.

KCU has partnered with the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art to conduct the course. Second-year medical students studied art pieces on loan to the Kemper from the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery. Students also broke into groups to talk and collaborate about their observations. 

KCU Students Study Art to Improve ObservationKCU Students Study Art to Improve Observation Skills

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